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President: Jasmine Birlew

Jasmine Birlew is a co-founder of Old World Kitchen and Wheat for the World. As a Culinary Nutritionist for Old World Kitchen, she holds a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry and has had extensive experience in various fields of chemistry, including biochemistry, pharmaceutical synthesis, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, as well as researching viral cloning. Her molecular biology is mainly focused on reference and clinical pathology. Jasmine has also been cooking for 20 years and practices yoga and Japanese Jujutsu. Due to her passion for cooking and a love for science, she has extensively studied the ingredients in modern food versus natural food. As a result, she coined the term “plastic food” and has made it a lifetime goal to educate people on healthy eating and provide nutritious whole grains to those who cannot obtain in themselves.


Vice-President: Mike Birlew

Michael Birlew is a co-founder of Old World Kitchen and Wheat for the World. He obtained his Functional Nutritionist Certification from Washington State University, holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, and has served in the United States Marine Corps. Michael has been doing extensive research on the benefits and risks of food ingredients and as a result, created what eventually became the foundation for Old World Kitchen. He also has over 12 years of cooking experience, practices yoga and Japanese Jujutsu. He coined the term “old world cooking” and offers years of experience in natural cooking, as well as ingredient research, meal planning, etc.

Director: Mariana Grass

Mariana Grass is a Director of Wheat for the World.  With the help of your sponsorship, she will distribute whole grain products to food banks and shelters; in addition, to educating the public on the importance of integrating whole grains into their diets.​

While working on her Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, Mariana participated in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome research; which lead to an understanding of the effects toxic chemicals could have on the body.  In order to better understand how to communicate the information gathered from scientific journals to the public, she next received a Master of Public Health with an emphasis in Education Research.  With these tools and a strong urge to correct misinformation, she will strive to increase the nutritional content of food distributed to impoverished individuals.