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Orange Chicken – Boneless chicken breast are cut up and marinated in an orange juice based sauce. The marinated chicken is then dusted with whole wheat flour and lightly fried in olive oil. The residual marinate is turned into a thick sauce that coats the breaded meat.

Mandarin Beef – Thinly sliced rib eye is marinated in a ginger and soy sauce base. It is then cooked with dried mandarin orange peels and pepper. The remaining stock is thickened and used as a sauce.

Shanghai Chicken with Sweet and Sour Soup – A whole chicken is roasted in a silky star anise based sauce. The pan drippings are then turned into a black satin sauce that is drizzled over the cooked meat. The sweet and sour soup is not like your standard American Chinese restaurant soup. It is cooked with various dried mushrooms and is very medicinal as well as delicious! Note: This dish is traditionally made with duck, however, this would take double the amount of time.

Chili Spare Ribs Served with Fried Rice - Pork spare ribs are roasted with a sweet chili sauce. This is then accompanied with fried rice instead of steamed rice. The rice is fried with egg, green onion, ham, and white onion.

Mongolian Lamb Served with Stir-fried Vegetables - Thinly sliced lamb is marinated in a dark ginger based sauce, it is then briefly stir-fried. The sauce is thickened to coat the lamb. The stir-fried vegetables consist of carrots, red bell peppers, green beans, and straw mushrooms coated with a chicken stock base.