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Ingredient Education

In the modern world, reading food labels can be a daunting prospect. It is enough to scare off most individuals. However, it is a necessity for living a healthy life.

In this lesson, we go to your home and and give you an Ingredient Education class. This class gives you the skills you need to shop for healthy ingredients and not be misled by claims of a product being healthy when it actually isn't. This is an essential course. If you already know how to cook, it is highly recommended that you take this lesson so that you may properly identify healthy ingredients.

So often people confuse Organic ingredients with Natural ingredients, but the fact of the matter is that they are entirely different. In addition, what is a synthetic ingredient versus a natural ingredient? How can you tell the difference? How are you able to discern that tocopherols are actually a form of Vitamin E, a natural preservative and thus acceptable to eat? How do you know which ingredients are detrimental to your health? Once again, the answer is simple: The Old World Kitchen.

The Old World Kitchen provides consultation services for proper ingredient education. One form of consultation we provide is showing you how to research ingredients through scientific reviewed journals – go straight to the source, so that you may find the true answers yourself.

Don’t feel like doing the research yourself? We also provide educational services where we spare you the necessity of doing most of the research.