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Fettuccine al Sugo – Homemade whole grain pasta with a sauce of your choosing (alfredo, pesto, tomato, etc.).  All made from scratch and deliciously healthy!

Lasagna – Homemade whole grain pasta layers with mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta. Smothered in tomato sauce and turned into a delectable lasagna dish.

Risotto Milanese con Agnello o Vitello Stinco – Whole grain risotto is cooked to a more creamy consistency with saffron and other savory flavors. The shanks are traditionally cooked with herby wine base, much like an Ossobuco.

Pollo e Funghi Manicotti – Home made whole wheat manicotti noodles are stuffed with a chicken, mushroom and cheese blend. They are then rolled up and smothered in a delicious tomato sauce with cheese and baked.


Cannoli – Made in a traditional manner, a sweet ricotta based cream filling is flavored with pistachios and rolled in a whole grain pastry shell, fried, and then garnished with shaved chocolate.

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Basic but classic homemade chocolate chip cookies using whole grain flour and all natural ingredients.

Tartufo – Think gelato meets truffle in this traditional Italian dessert. Ice cream is crusted in a chocolate based coat and smothered in a caramel or fruit syrup.