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Most Japanese meals are very filling but still on the lighter side of eating. All of these dishes will be served with a steamed short grain brown Japanese rice and homemade miso soup (as this is the traditional way to serve Japanese meals), unless you prefer otherwise. The miso soup is generally served with various vegetables such as onions, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, brown mushrooms, etc. Finally, it is garnished with green onions and a leafy green such as spinach or seaweed (nori) that is chopped very fine.

Pork Katsu Curry – Pork chops are hammered until thin, breaded, and lightly fried. They are then placed on a bed of rice, and covered in homemade Japanese apple curry. A delicious comfort food of Japan.

Japanese Chicken Curry – Chicken breasts are cut up and cooked with homemade apple Japanese curry, small delicate pieces of carrots, and celery. It is then served on a bed of rice.

Beef Shabu Shabu – Think fondue meets Japan. Special equipment is needed for this, such as a hot plate (~$20.00), but it is perfect for cold days. Very thinly sliced rib eye meat is added to a tray. Another tray with heaping amounts of vegetables is also served. These vegetables include various mushrooms such as fresh shiitake, enokitake mushrooms, eryngii mushrooms, bok choy, etc. The main highlight of this meal is not the ingredients however, but the various ponzu sauces. A pot of boiling water is placed in the middle of the table, to which the ingredients are added. They are then plucked out and dipped in the ponzu sauce. This is then followed by a bit of rice.

Baked Teriyaki Salmon – We create a homemade teriyaki sauce and drizzle it over a salmon filet that is placed in a small baking dish, topped with Japanese mushrooms and onions, and baked to perfection.

Baked Ponzu Salmon - With a sesame ginger ponzu sauce, topped with green onions and Japanese style mushrooms.

Japanese Stir-fry with Cold Soba and Miso Green Beans – This is a great basic summer dish that any Japanese food lover should know. You choose which meat type to use (though boneless chicken thighs go best with this). Several vegetables, coupled with the meat, are stir-fried to a crisp finish and served with a teriyaki sauce. Cold soba noodles are served with a ponzu sauce and a dollop of wasabi paste and spicy mustard. The green beans are blanched and then coated with a sweet sesame miso paste.

Oyako Don – Literally translated as “mother and child, with rice”, boneless chicken thighs, onions, and egg are cooked with a sweet soy based sauce and garnished with green onions then placed on a bed of rice.