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Brown Mexican rice can be added to the lesson, but it does take more time and the price will be adjusted accordingly. Additionally, homemade salsa, guacamole and/or re-fried beans are available.

Papusa – A Mexican style corn flour is made into a dough and stuffed with seasoned chicken, cilantro, onions, cheese, and guacamole

Street Style Tacos – Homemade corn tortillas, seasoned chicken, beef, or pork, cilantro, onions, tomatoes, and sliced avocados.  This is also great with fried jalapenos to be served with it; however, this may clear out a room due to the strong spiciness that is emitted.

Enchiladas – Homemade corn tortillas and homemade negro mole. The tortillas are lightly fried in olive oil and dipped into the mole. Once dipped, fillings such as cilantro, onion, cheese, meat, and olives are added. It is rolled up and served with cheese melted on it.

Baha Style Fish Tacos – Homemade corn tortillas are made. Beer battered fish are fried and placed into the tortilla with cabbage and a spicy tomato sauce.

Pozole – This is a lesson best done in the morning as Pozole is a pork homney stew that is cooked in a strong chili based seasoning medium all day. It is often garnished with cabbage, cilantro, guacamole, and lime.

Menudo – Same type of soup as pozole, only this has tripe in it.

Breakfast Burrito – No Mexican cuisine is complete without this seemingly basic burrito. Do not be deceived by the basic nature of it, for you will not be able to find a synthetic free whole grain version of this, unless you learn to make it yourself. In this recipe we learn the fine art of making homemade flour tortillas using whole wheat flour.  We then cook potatoes, onions, and spices with green chilies. Eggs are scrambled with a meat of choice (typically chorizo or ham). All of this is then added with cilantro, cheese, and tomatoes. Served with fried jalapeno peppers.

Dinner Burrito – Similar to the breakfast burrito we make homemade whole wheat tortillas. We then take a meat of choice and sear it with Mexican spices, peppers, onions, and cilantro until a bit crisp. We also make brown Mexican rice and place the meat, rice, cilantro, and avocado into the tortilla and roll it up into a nice burrito. It is then accompanied with fried jalapeno peppers.