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Popped Corn


 This is simple natural homemade popcorn that does not require the use of special equipment, except for that of a good pan with a secure lid. Make sure the pan is big, as ½ cup of popping corn will fill a 12”dia. X 2” deep pan. The recipe can easily be doubled or tripled and makes for a great movie and popcorn night for the Natural Cook. 


For Popped Corn:

*1 Tbls Oil of choice (see note on bottom of recipe)

   *Per ¼ Cup Corn Kernel



For Flavor:

*1 tsp Oil Olive

*1 tsp Butter Salted



In a large deep pan place a few kernels with the amount of oil necessary.  Heat the pan on Medium High heat and Cover. Occasionally roll the oil over the kernels by tilting the pan to keep them from burning. When they begin to pop immediately remove them, slightly increase the temperature and pour the remaining kernels into the pan and re-cover. Swirl the pan to coat all the kernels in oil, making sure they all are in contact with the pan. Stop…… Wait……Wait…. When they begin to pop, gently move the kernels back and forth, around and around. As the popping gets more furious, keep them in slight motion so that the popped corn will not burn. When the popping subsides to a kernel every few seconds then remove the pan and empty it as soon as possible.  Salt to taste.


                If you would like butter on your popped corn try not to just melt the butter and pour it on. The butter will tend to rapidly soak into the soft kernels and leave them wilted and hard. The way around this is to take equal parts of butter and oil and heat them together to combine. Micro-wave is fast but violent, the stove top takes longer but is gentle on the butter. Pour this mixture at little at a time down the side of your bowl and move the popped corn around it. Keep doing this and it will grease them up nicely.


Note: Peanut oil is a good starting oil as every oil responds differently. I prefer olive oil, but it is a bit tricky to work with as it has a lower burning point than most oils. In addition, each oil imparts a different flavor on the popped corn.