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In Home Private Cooking Demo

     In this exciting lesson, we go to your house and give you a cooking lesson by preparing a three

course meal for you and guests. This lesson is perfect for an entertainment setting and for those

who don’t want to actually cook the meals themselves but still want the instruction and the

delicious food.

Price: $70.00 per person with a minimum of 2 people


How it Works:

Order the Private Cooking Demo from our store or by contacting us. We will then contact you to find out what culinary origin of food you are interested in. After this, we will send you several meal options for you to choose from; we pride ourselves in having authentic healthy recipes.

Once all details have been established and you have chosen a custom menu, we go to your house, bring all needed ingredients, and then give the demonstration while preparing the meal for you and guests. We try to use all kitchen utensils you have, but will provide any you do not.