The Old World Kitchen

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Old World Kitchen invites you to experience at home cooking lessons today! We provide the ingredients and instruction for all private lessons and hosted events. Old World Kitchen also offers nutritional consultation to provide you with the tools you need to eat natural delicious food.

We offer a wide range of services, which includes:

  1. *Private Cooking Lessons
  2. *Group Cooking Parties
  3. *Private In Home Cooking Demo
  4. *Nutritional Advice
  5. *Shopping for Natural Food
  6. *Corporate and Public Events
  7. *Authentic Multicultural Meals
  8. *Video, Phone, and Email Consultation

All of our ingredients are natural (minimally processed) and whole grain (when applicable). All of our recommendations are backed by scientific research, because eating is a science.

At Old World Kitchen, we have discovered the lost art of natural cooking through utilization of basic ingredients, extensive experience, and recipes using century old cookbooks. We don’t claim to have invented the wheel, we simply rediscovered it

It all begins with a free initial consultation where we will assess your own personal needs and goals. We challenge you to try it and promise that you won’t be disappointed.