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The Role of Whole Grains

One of the main benefits of becoming a Natural Cook is the role that whole grain plays in your diet. Due to the nature of our old world recipes, everything is made with whole grains. This is simply because things all-purpose flour and white processed rice did not exist in the old world kitchen. Because of this, everything eaten holds great nutritional value.

Feel like making chocolate chip cookies or maybe a chocolate cake? Every bite will be giving you vitamins and other nutrients.

Due to the utilization of whole grains, the benefits of the Natural Cook includes:

*Reduces cardiovascular disease

*Reduces risk of cancer

*Reduces type 2 diabetes risk

*Reduces Hypertension

*Reduces weight

*Reduces waistline

*Protection from obesity

*Antioxidants protection

*Blood-lipid improvement

Please take a look at the Journal Articles listed below and feel free to add more in the blog section.

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