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Online Consultation Services:

There are many benefits associated with Online Consultation. Our online consultation services include video, instant messaging (IM), text, phone, and even email.

Video Consultation Services:

While there are many uses for these types of services, the primary use for them is long distance mentoring. While clients do have the option of having a Natural Life Cook travel long distances for consultation services, it is sometimes easier for the client to utilize video sources.

These types of services are treated similar to in-person options, depending upon the depth of education the student wants to go. We are able to provide food ingredient educational services, personalized meal plans, and to a certain extent, we can even provide cooking lessons. Though this is not as ideal as having a Natural Life Cook visit your home, it is the next best thing. A Natural Life Cook is able to guide you through the proper steps of old world cooking.

Instant Messaging (IM) Services:

In many cases, IM services can be used in place of video, text, and email services. Sometimes it is simply not necessary to have a Natural Life Cook visually see the client. Perhaps explanations are needed, or questions answered. Whatever the reason, our IM service provides another convenient method for you to contact your Natural Life Cook.

Text and Email Services:

Perhaps you have a food crisis: your meal is nearly ruined from having too much salt in it. What do you do? Simply contact your Natural Life Cook, and they may be able to provide you with a simple solution to your problem. Maybe you need a meal idea for the ingredients that you have; this is something a Natural Life Cook can also help you with. Whatever your need is, no matter how big or small, your Natural Life Cook is there to provide you with support.