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What is the Natural Cook? 


The Natural Cook is the ultimate goal. It is an individual that knows how to cook natural food, shop for natural food, using nothing but natural ingredients. When we say natural food, we mean minimally processed ingredients that do not require a laboratory to create. The Natural Cook isn't about knowing recipes, but more about knowing where to find good recipes to cook with. The Natural Cook doesn't have to necessarily be familiar with all ingredients, but knows how to research unknown ingredients listed on food labels.

In most instances, the Natural Cook is able to live life without the concerns of dietary fiber intake, vitamin intake, and calorie counting. The reason why is simple. Take a meal of fried chicken, as cooked in the Natural Cook's kitchen: 


*Two pieces of fried chicken using soft white whole wheat flour

*A serving of macaroni and cheese, noodles made of whole wheat durum flour 

*A sweat potato with butter 

*Sweet whole wheat dinner rolls 


This meal contains more vitamins than the average American has in a week. What's more, is that studies have shown that whole wheat intake promotes weight loss, acts as an anti-carcinogenic, helps prevent diabetes, heart disease, and so much more.

 It is the hope of the Old World Kitchen, that one day, everyone will be a Natural Cook 

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