The Old World Kitchen

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These lessons can be on an individual basis or we can accompany them with additional courses to complement them.

Whole Grain French Loaf – Learn the art of making a traditional whole grain French loaf. This bread has a crunchy external crust with a soft fluffy center and is stretched long and thin in a baguette fashion.

Whole Wheat Traditional Tortillas – Learn to make Granny’s tortillas with nothing but the healthiest ingredients. Soft, flexible, and warm; these are the staples of a delicious traditional tortilla.

Sweet Honey Dinner Rolls – Delicious sweet dinner rolls are baked with a shiny thick crust on the outside and sweet fluffy bread on the inside. The many varieties on shape, from a croissant style roll to a traditional round dinner roll.

Whole Grain Strawberry Cake – In this lesson, we recover the lost art of making an all-natural strawberry cake without the use of dye. The main ingredient? Why, strawberries of course! And yes, the frosting is naturally pink and delicious!

Whole Grain Chocolate Cake – Decadent chocolaty moist cake covered in rich velvety chocolate frosting. Bring back the love of chocolate knowing that you are getting seven times the amounts of nutrients and vitamins with every bite!

Whole Grain Hamburger and Hotdog Buns – There was a time when a burger wasn’t bad for you; when you had pure natural beef from a happy cow and whole grain buns to go with it. Bring back these good times with this lesson in the art of making hamburger and hotdog buns.

Decadently Whole Grain Cinnamon Buns – This is the perfect lesson to combat those… ehem... irresistible corporate cinnamon bun companies who make their little synthetic bombs so delicious that you just might have one. Instead, learn to make a healthier version that is just as decadent.


Whole Grain Vanilla Cup Cakes – These little pockets of joy are just enough to sate your sweet cravings. Light, delicate vanilla cakes are baked into cups and topped with a gentle vanilla frosting; just sweet enough without being overbearing.